Our company was founded in early 2010 and began its activities to operate in the field of metalworking.

Among the activities we provide service for ; steel construction buildings, transport and storage systems (chassis, containers, trailers, luggage handling, conveyors), freight train cars and chassis parts, various chassis, our company is to produce fixture and apparatus; project design, also provides planning and consulting services.

Customer portfolio and product diversity increases each and everyday in our company based o the customer needs; in order to increase our service power and to reply demand of our clients and to ensure customer satisfaction, we are also increasing our subcontractor’s capacity with verified quality by making external checks.

we have had target to increase our company’a capacity by %25 paralle to customer satisfaction in first 5 years, at 2011 we began exporting activities from the first quarter of year. our foreign customer portfolio has been increased too.

In this context, 2011 – 2012 – In 2013 our company  has increased export capacity significantly and become one of the top 40 companies among throughout the 40.000 companies of country in the evaluation conducted by “Chamber of Commerce of Turkey”.